BOOGIE on canvas step by step

Here is a nice step by step photo series with graffiti artist BOOGIE painting a canvas with MOLOTOW PREMIUM for a group show in Paris, France he took part in. Check out the photos after the jump and more here on HOMBOOG.COM

“After returning like a happy kiddo from my group show in Paris, I thought it would be nice to give you a little peak behind the scenes of those quite hectic days beforehand.
I was able to paint the model trains in my studio in Switzerland, but the canvases where just to big to bring them to Paris. Fortunately my buddy NILKO WHITE offered me to use his studio – thanks again, bro – so that I locked myself into his space for a couple of days. Paint for the canvas and lots of coffee and croissants for me – this is how I created those 3 new and quite large artworks. The process was exhausting, because I did not have to much time, but I am quite happy with the result. Especially the experiments on the background of the canvas „The Golden Boy“ were a challenge – but I enjoyed it a lot. So some of the french coffee I was supposed to drink, ended up on the canvas to create the desired vintage look. Trying new things is part of my work. Even if it’s not always as successful as this time.”




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