By engineering the first genuine graffiti- and street-art spray-paint MOLOTOW™ supports urban art as well as the artists and their creativity by providing them with a reliable tool and colors that preserved their work for eternity. Over the years many internationally renowned artists contributed with their experience to the evolution of MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM. To honor these creative contributors MOLOTOW™ drafted the „artist color“ range to dedicate their favorite color to them. Because exceptional artists deserve exceptional colors! In 2016 we proudly welcome more artists and friends to our MOLOTOW PREMIUM Artist Colors Range. After NASTY SONS PLUM, BOOGIE VIOLA and SLIDER LIGHT ORANGE our latest dedication is the color MIDDLE GREY. We decided to honor the work of graffiti artist CAPARSO of the BANDITS Crew, not just because he is supporting MOLOTOW with his art, but also because he is a good friend of the MOLOTOW family. CAPARSO painted the MOLOTOW Train twice, we did numerous projects together with SLIDER in the past years and we will do so in the near future. The CAPARSO MIDDLE GREY is available now! CAPARSO just uploaded a nice video of the artwork painted for the release, you can check it out here on Facebook! The wall in details you can see after the jump! Watch out for more new Artist Colors to come this year!



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