ZOOLO – New solo show “pieces” and the MOLOTOW Train

A good friend of MOLOTOW and artist ZOOLO from Freiburg, Germany visited our headquarters recently to share his new art for the solo exhibition "pieces":

"Zoolo started in 1989 with graffiti in a small german town called Bühl. He still see his role in the graffiti roots and thats the strongest propulsion for him to go out and paint. In a traditional way of leaving his marks, you find the strongest connection of his artwork to graffiti. By the time he created an own remarkable style which is not typical graffiti anymore. „pieces“ shows some new works from different countrys and his left traces there."

The exhibition "pieces" kicks off november 5th, 2016, 6pm at „Kulturaggregart“, Hildastr. 5, 79102 Freiburg Germany (Facebook Event). Opening times are monday, wednesday and saturday from 1pm to 6pm or by request. After we discussed his show and art we offered to paint one side of the MOLOTOW Train in our backyard with his typical "pieces" style. Checkout the video after the jump!


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