The graffiti artist ZEUS was born in 1980 in Naples, Italy, where he still lives and work. He started painting in 2000, when he was charmed by the Graffiti surrounding the east outskirds of his city. Inspired by the local Wild Style Writers like Shaone, Eno, Pope, Zentwo, Gasone and Zarone, the classic New York style took over his type of lettering and still do so. Since the early 2000´s he is regulary painting walls and today he is one of the most talented graffitiwriters out of South Italy.
We decided to cooperate with ZEUS some time ago and became really good friends. A few days ago ZEUS, who often turns his name into SUZE, came and visited the MOLOTOW HEADQUARTERS to paint the MOLOTOW TRAIN. Here is the result using a great range of MOLOTOW PREMIUM and COVERS ALL COLOR colors! Check out the video and photos below!

Keep an eye out on him, he is very talented and his work is incredible good, very detailed and clean!You can follow ZEUS on Facebook hereo, on Instagram here or simply check out our news, we regulary post new pieces by the italian graffiti artist!

Checkout more MOLOTOW TRAINS here, and the MOLOTOW TRAIN ZEUS40 Poster is available here.  More MOLOTOW TRAIN HALL OF FAME Posters available here.




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