5 New MOLOTOW TRAIN Posters out now!

With the release of the MOLOTOW TRAIN painted by italian graffiti artist ZEUS40 last week the MOLOTOW™ TRAIN HALL OF FAME Poster Collection was extended to five more items! So the collection now offers 24 (!) 592 x 210 mm, folded to DIN A5 size posters to collect and connect!
Such a poster shows the complete MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM color chart and selected colors used to paint the train and of course the Wholecar or End2End Piece itself. If you got the space, collect and put together your own MOLOTOW (WHOLE)TRAIN with 24 cars “rolling” next to each other!
The new posters include the already published MOLOTOW TRAIN Wholecars by KAISY, BOOGIE, TASTE and MR.CENZ as well as End2Ends painted by GESER, SLIDER, OMSK167 and of course the brandnew by ZEUS40!
In case you missed one of the train actions, check in here to watch the videos and see the photos!
Get the posters here or at any well sorted Store nearby!


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