French graffiti artist WOBE of the LECTRICS Crew kicks of a little new series titled WOBE SESSIONS. A photoseries of walls he recently painted with friends in Lyon or Paris. This is the first one in the series painted with the graffiti artists RABA and KAZE! WOBE also has some comments on the wall he would like to share with you!

"This is the first time I painted in Belle-vue, a spot in Lyon far from the city center. For this session, I painted with Kaze and Raba. The wall is perfect for three writers. My lettering is quite usual. I use curves a little more than usual, especially for the Z and Y – taking care that they do not soften the dynamics of the letters. I add an arrow down as usual. It’s a good way to position the graffiti on the wall. For the background I use abstract shapes that contrast with the gradients of the fill-in. I used to do this kind of background a lot in the 2000’s, often recovering the shapes of the graffiti I was painting over. It’s been a long time."