André Gigante (MOLOTOW Artist Feedback February 2017) is an artist from Porto, Portugal and founder of the BONJOUR MOLOTOV collective.

André Gigante’s upcoming show entiutled DEAMBULAIA is an invitation to a journey, that he has created through the past months. The show runs from June 02nd, 2018 till July 21st, 2018 at Fábrica Social Porto. You can learn more about it here!

You can watch a short video and check out photos of how the artist works below plus some artwork previews! Most of his art was painted with the MOLOTOW MASTERPIECEEmpty Markers filled with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint. Here is what the artist has to say about DEAMBULAIA: (Text by Maestro Rui Massena)

"This Road is a place of imperfect textural impulses, full of depth, a challenge to stillness. In this diagram of infinite motion, one almost shouts, in a world drowned in rushed readings, by the autonomy of interpretation. Without defined paternalisms or concrete pedagogies, the author’s visual expression forces our own interpretation, a mandatory time out moment in order to transpose the line of the chromatic horizon. I like seeing these gestures as perpetual, non-geometric movements with capricious shapes, that in any given moment of our day are ready to take us to another reality. The rhythm of these textures makes me think that, in Gigante, there’s an intensity that needs to come out, much like the intensity of a Wagnerian universe mixed with a delicate but fiery melodic line of Puccini. In each work a new pulse, a different rhythm. Proposals for new sounds that stimulate new dialogues, new dances. But make no mistake… silence is described here with great mastery. When by contrast the minimal gesture occupies the canvas, we realize that twenty notes can have the same weight as a single one, so to be the only one possible there. Silence also has music.

To seek meaning here is to increase our imaginary world. It is also an act of creation. If it’s worth it, because what mobilizes us is always worth it, then this sound creating gesture may have found a new world here – ours.

Now go, ‘deambulate’, wander around!"




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