The Berlin based film makers Henrik Regel and Björn Birg dive deep into the unknow universe of the trainwriters. Next to first class interviews, they received material, which has never been screened before. The film investigates background information to specific actions and historical material from the legendary corner on the Friedrichstrasse. The place to meet for sprayers since the 90ies. The place where the legend of the Berlin Writerculture had its origins.

In this sense, UNLIKE U is not a normal Spray Painting Video, in which action after action and train after train get shown, rather the Video is a sympathetic portrait of a scene which has never been shown like this before. This film writes the fascinating story of a culture, which usually aims to exist undercover, but exhibits all the characteristics of an art historical movement with all its spacial and periodic developments. The film makers have worked on this documentation for over 7 years and have thus established a good relationship in the scene, which can be decribed as a ,closed party‘. Never the less the film makers never loose the required dis- tance to the topic and demonstrate the flipside of the sprayer existence, one of social isolation, loss of reality and even suicide.

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