Heaven & Hell

“…its been a while since zomby and i joined forces, mainly because of work, travels and different projects. When we finally make a plan one thing is for sure, BAD BAD weather is up and this was no exception. Besides for a few hours of sun, it was raining cats and dogs. For this wall we brought out long time partner of zomby, Mr.money and a old hero of mine who i feel represent that ninetes copenhagen semiwildstyle,Mr.mate. The idea of the whole thing was to do two walls on each side of the gate in the classic habour hall of fame, with one side representing hell with flames and the devil and sankt. peter on the other side with the key to the doors of heaven.” (Soten)

Check the progress of the Heaven and Hell Wall and the 2 finished productions by Zombie, Money, Mate and Soten after the jump


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