The world’s first soft brush pump marker!

What a new writing tool!

We´ve done it! The world’s first soft brush pump marker is now part of the MOLOTOW™ family! The new MOLOTOW™ CALLIGRAFX Pump Softliner contains unique characteristics and will prove itself to be both a special and a must have writing tool for any artist. It is the world’s first soft brush calligraphic marker that has two patented technologies: a pumping mechanism as well as a unique capillary system. The refillable CALLIGRAFX marker has a soft brush tip that behaves like a real paint brush but does not fray.
The marker comes in a pre-filled as well as empty version whereas the pre-filled marker contains the high quality CoversAll ink. But how do you exactly go about activating a soft brush marker by pumping? The answer to this question lies in the top of the cap. The patented pumping system makes the activation extremely easy! Take of the marker cap and put it down, then activate the Brush-Tip by simply pumping it into the top of the cap. This marker is a unique writing tool and all of the above named features make this CALLIGRAFX marker truly one of a kind.

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