SONS Serval Exchange

“A while ago Serval (from Switserland) made a dope sketch for us. He made a very clever design, if you read it normal, you see a ‘MEGA’ with a character and background, and if you put it upside down it reads ‘ROMEO’, also with a character and background…Offcourse we wanted to paint it on an object which can be flipped upside down. We thought of making it on a car, but no one would let us put their car upside down (which is understandable)…Romeo came up with a 3 x 3 m banner which could be mounted on a big frame used for advertising had to paint pretty small. From earlier experience we did knew that Molotow cans do the trick when it comes to paint small, so we went for that….”

Check out the result here over at!


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