The Pulsating Rhythmical Remedy – Meet Graffiti Artist POISON

“It all started when I was listening non-stop to “Poison” from the Prodigy. I got the poison, I got the remedy, I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy! Seeing graffiti in the streets as a kid. Everywhere there was some form of graffiti, tags, throw-ups, bombs, legal pieces etc.”
Here is another graffiti artist we find very interesting to follow in the future, so meet Holland based graffiti artist POISON for some more styles to pop up here in our online magazine within the next months! Welcome to the Family! A few words by the artist about the beginnings and his first attempts to write his name:
“The idea of having a unique personal style got me easily fascinated. Then one day, I wanted to try my hand at writing graffiti. At first I was aware of graffiti around me, observing it and taking pictures of the pieces I liked. Occasionally I bought a spray can and used to do some tags or throw ups. Some years passed by and I felt like being on the wrong side, so I decided to get serious with it. My first attempt was at an abandoned building which was entirely covered with graffiti. I was really excited and had my piece worked out to the smallest detail. It had a basic letter form with no fancy elements. I remember enjoying the process of getting my piece on the wall, can’t really say the same about the end result. Looking back, I feel like it’s inevitable that one’s style changes throughout the years. Despite the changes I will always find myself building my pieces on fundamental graffiti principles.”
Here is a first report on one of his recent pieces painted with FLAME SPRAY PAINT! Watch out for more soon!
POISON Facebook | POISON Instagram
Words: elrincondelasboquillas.com




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