Here is a new burner for you painted by the style machine TASTE of ATT Crew (MOLOTOW TRAIN) from Denver, Colorado. And talking about TASTE here is a short interview with Q&A´s the graffiti artist BOOGIE and HOMBRE aka HOMBOOG did for their interview series 13QUESTIONS not long time ago:

How important is your profession in your private life? Are there also some negative aspects?
Sometimes it’s hard to balance your private life with such a demanding career choice. But it’s important to do what you love! I’m fortunate to have a very supportive wife and daughter!
Do you have Idols?
Not so much idols anymore at my age but definitely inspirations!. My friend and crew prez EAST is a constant motivator. My crewmate RAPES.. Loveletters crew .. HOMBOOG is easily my favorite collective such a perfect match!. GESER 3a.. MEK att .. TREZE.. All super inspiring artist who are so talented and so humble.
Which gift do you wish to have?
I wish I had The force
Your best travel destination till now?
Jamaica where I met my wife!   
Backpacker or 5 Stars?

Backpack in a five star
Rock, Rap or Elektro?
All music but I prefer 50s and 60s soul
Low Carb or Candy Madness?
Donuts pancakes candy ice cream soda
Soccer or Wrestling?
American football DENVER BRONCOS
Your 5 daily essentials?
Wife kid food water graff
Favourite movie?
5 Alltime favorite songs?
Organized konfusion- 3 o’clock
Nirvana- smells like teen spirit
Norman greenbaum- spirit in the sky
Aaron Neville- tell it like it is
Every Sean Price verse RIP
What are your wishes for the future – private and global?
Health wealth and happiness

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