The Piranha Wall by ETRS, ROMEO and MEGA

And another new wall freshly painted by MEGA and ROMEO, the dutch duo by the name of NASTY SONS, together with ETRS – The Piranha Wall:

“This theme wall was inspired by the movie ‘Piranha’. The idea was that a swarm of killer piranhas have eaten part of the letters which are floating in the water. The initial plan was to paint lots of piranhas but we got carried away with adding other creatures like a crocodile, parrots, a partially eaten turtle and an arapaima fish. We started by dividing the upper- and lower part of the wall and rollerpainted it in 2 base colors. From there we spraypainted several layers to get the job done. We spend 1.5 days on painting this wall and the result came out nice…”

Check some photos, the final wall and a short video below!


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