The new MOLOTOW PREMIUM ANTISTATIK NEON RED improved and introduced by the french artist himself!
About the artist:
Letters represent the basis of his work, though expressed from the experimental perspective. The emotions of anger, violence and brutality Antistatik tries to articulate through his almost architectural compositions. By applying different meanings, forms and the process in general, with his friends he coined a term of Graffuturism in order to round up and establish the achievements of his companions and himself. Antistatik from Strasbourg, France produced a large number of works on the walls and canvases well as various large-scale projects including a mural on the complete front of a 12-story building, which makes him one of the most active and prolific graffiti artist’s in Europe. 
About the product:
The PREMIUM Neon Red is not only outstanding through its high opacity, but also by its fast drying. That way your art works will remain as long as possible, while drying times, for working further, stay short. In contrary to all other PREMIUM color shades, Neon colors are only limited UV resistant. However, this can be improved by using an UV blocker. Equipped with the approved MOLOTOW™ technology, PREMIUM is the no. 1 reference spray can in the graffiti scene. Thanks to its over 256+ color shades, the color range leaves nothing to be desired. The original since 1999




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