The MOLOTOW TRAIN HALL OF FAME Poster Collection Set

Imagine seeing the MOLOTOW TRAIN running in person? Well, this is how it would look like 😉 Pieces, T2B´s and Wholecars painted by SWET, SOTEN, BOOGIE, CAPARSO, SLIDER, MADC, RIOT1394, FINO, MEGA & ROMEO, GESER, RAZOR, ANTISTATIK, WOK, TASTE, LOOMIT, FORK4 and one more car painted recently by MR.CENZ coming up soon!
The MOLOTOW TRAIN HALL OF FAME Poster Collection Set offers 17 cars to collect and connect!

  • collector‘s set with all 17 poster motifs
  • #01 with special coating – perfect for styling with ONE4ALL™
  • 135 g/m2, 592 x 210 mm folded to DIN A5
  • all posters show the complete PREMIUM color chart
  • all posters are also available separately (#01 to #17)

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