“Express Your Soul” – MADC teams up with RITUAL Cosmetics

What happens when one of the world’s most interesting female street artist teams up with a cosmetic brand? That was our question when receiving the informations about a brand cooperation between MADC and RITUALS. Today the cooperation was announced with a nice video including MADC painting a piece of art on canvas with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Spray Paint.
“An exceptional piece of artwork is created, forming the basis for the design of our new Limited Edition. Full of passion, MadC bares her soul in an authentic, colourful and dynamic visual language which she uses to create impressive art. Claudia was inspired by the sparkling energy found in the summery ingredients verbena and petitgrain, allowing her to create a design that brings Express Your Soul to life.”
The limited editon includes Shower Oil, Body Cream, Fragrance Sticks and a sketchbook designed by MADC.  The refined sketchbook with gold details, a pencil, storage space and an cord closure provides lined and plain paper pages.
You can find out more here on rituals.com


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