STROKE Munich Vernissage 2012

Florian Junk reports from the first day of the STROKE Urban Art Fair at the Praterinsel Munich, find first footage of the Vernissage and some comments after the jump!

“Yesterday evening at 9pm the Stroke Urban Art Fair Munich opened its doors at Praterinsel. It was a wonderful vernissage which smoothed the way for the forthcoming three exhibition days.”

“Fortunately Molotow™ supports the exhibition and the artists with products of their URBAN FINE-ART™ SOLUTIONS range, so that beside the composition of their boothes the artists had the opportunity to paint some walls at the Künstlerhaus before the opening on thursday. On two floors inter alia Monsta, KNZ Clan, Via Grafik and the Weird created awesome graffiti and illustrations. Some of them had been finished only a few minutes before the vernissage so that the nice smell of paint was still in the air.”

“Beside the graffiti at the Künstlerhaus more than 45 national and international galleries, art collectives and projects like 110 Ugly Beasts, Square 23, NeoVandalism or Super2000 exhibit their work on the 3.500 m² large area divided into the Künstlerhaus, the Zollgewölbe, the Füllhalle, the Wurzelkeller, the Isarhof and the inner yard.”

“Another nice special along with the recently designed walls was the live painting session by Sonke Wia at the inner yard. The greek artist captured the visitors’ mind with his talent and did a wonderful nice illustration by using Molotow™ markers.”

Photos & Report: funkjunge




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