MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL 627HS Display Set

The acrylic-based ONE4ALL 627HS – perfect for large area applications, is equipped with the exchangeable 15 mm High-Flow-Tip. Available here in our online store.

ONE4ALL – the new reference-class in the marker area. Unreached coverage, bright colors (100% UV-resistance), Flowmaster™-pumpvalve for active paint-flow control. In addition to this comes the groundbreaking acrylic-based hybrid-paint that can be diluted with water or acetone. All these features made the ONE4ALL marker-series the new shooting-star of the art and design.

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This set includes:
15 x 627HS (15mm) incl. display

The including colors:
1 x 006 zinc yellow
1 x 085 DARE orange
1 x 013 traffic red
1 x 086 burgundy
1 x 161 shock blue middle
1 x 204 true blue
1 x 042 currant
1 x 200 neon pink
1 x 092 hazelnut brown
1 x 203 cool grey pastell
2 x 160 signal white
2 x 180 signal black