Shok1 x Remi Rough – NEON BURNER

Here are a few shots of the latest experiment by SHOK1 with REMI ROUGH entitled, “Neon Burner”. Some notes about the piece and the footage please find after the jump!

– it’s right in the heart of London not far from the Tate Modern
– we combined our geometric and organic xray styles once again.
– the whole piece is illuminated with my signature neon glow.
– the piece relates to both of our backgrounds in wildstyle but the reading is carried symbolically rather than literally by letters, although there are letter structures included.
– both artists have an ongoing relationship with the colour neon pink. as first generation uk writers, the colour pink was highly valued due to it’s scarcity. Neon colours especially relate to the eighties period, so it’s a piece that looks both backward and forward.


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