MOLOTOW™ Train – Graffiti Artist SOTEN is back – 10 Years later

It has been 10 years ago when we launched the MOLOTOW™ Train project with some really nice first Wholecars and Panels painted in the backyard of our Headquarters! The very first Wholecar was the “Nothing Beats The Classic” painted by danish graffiti artist SOTEN back in 2010. (MOLOTOW Train Hall of Fame Poster) At that time MOLOTOW also launched the MOLOTOW PREMIUM Artist Color “SOTEN LIGHT BLUE”. So 10 years is a long time, SOTEN travelled the world, painted hundreds of pieces, developed his style and moved to New York City for making a living there. By following the danish artist from Copenhagen we were more than curious to learn about his latest experience and development in terms of personality and of course his artist career and new ways of painting. As you can see on the wholecar side, SOTEN visited us just recently painting the MOLOTOW Train Wholecar and a panel on the other side as well as painting with graffiti artist MADC. SOTEN talks in the video about the pieces, artworks, new ways of painting, inspiration, New York, the past and the future. Of course there will be a MOLOTOW Train poster as well available in our Onlineshop www.shop.molotow.com

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