Graffiti artist MR.IRK spray painting the MOLOTOW PRAHA Store!

Our friends over at MOLOTOW PRAHA store just recently invited graffiti artist MR.IRK to repaint the store facade with a nice new design.

IRK aka MR.IRK was born in Slovakia painting classic Graffiti since 2009 he now is into characters and figures dedicated to the Nineties and Digital art. He went to the artschool and moved to Prague afterwards, where he lives and work now. You can follow the artist here on Instagram:  @martin_irk

Check out some photos of the final painting on the MOLOTOW PRAHA store below and here on Instagram where you can watch a video as well! More videos of previous store paintings check out here!

Below you will also find some night shots because the artist used a wide range of MOLOTOW COVERS ALL Color, PREMIUM and FLAME SPRAYPAINT colors including fluoresent colors shining under UV-light!


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