MOLOTOW LISBOA x Workshop Deambulaia May 2019

MOLOTOW LISBOA just announced another Deambulaia workshop with André Gigante, where people are able to explore alternative painting techniques with an audio/musical background, that is intended for people of different ages and educational levels, in and out of the visual arts fields, in a balance between expression and senses.
“Starting from a theoretical component built on the notions of framing, composition and balance, and articulating proportion and geometry, each group of participants will be invited to filter the workshop guidelines in a work environment that is open to experimentation and discovery, in order to achieve a result that is free from a planned figurative direction.”
Workshop Deambulaia
Date – May 4th, from 5pm to 8pm
Venue – Molotow Store Lisbon (Rua das Gáveas, nº9, Lisbon)
Submissions – 15€ (all materials included), max. 10 participants
Info: bonjourmolotov.com or Molotow Lisboa Instagram @molotowlisboa

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