AZEK & FRIENDS painting a huge model train with MOLOTOW products

We just received a very nice feedback on our products by French graffiti artist AZEK from Toulouse, France, who realized a project painting model trains with spray paint and acrylic markers. Here he shares the story and background of the project with us:
"At the end of last year my friend Komo, old timer from Paris, told me about a find he had made by hunting various places … A reduced model train but … very huge! And very realistic. I did not know this scale model, but surprised me was the size of the beast! (# 1 Gauge, 1.29 Scale) I was also honored that my friend entrusts me the customization! Challenge accepted!

I’ve been customizing miniature trains for years, usually in Ho scale, discovered with my friend DaveFoto, one of the most prolific collectors of these pieces. Since then I’ve developed my techniques and try to get closer to a real and original rendering, respect the support by trying to use the spray paint and its assets even on reduced surfaces and reliefs.

It occurred to me to contact my partner MOLOTOW, to work on this model with the best tools! I received a complement of colors in ONE4ALL acrylics twin markers of the most beautiful choice to complete my range, Here is what was used:

– MOLOTOW ONE4ALL acrylic white spraypaint sublayer
– Backgrounds and lettering interiors FLAME Spray paint and MOLOTOW PREMIUM
– MOLOTOW PREMIUM Neon Spray Paint
– Lines, volumes and details with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL acrylic paint markers

And here are pictures of the realization, stages and final result!

Thanks to Komo, DaveFoto and of course my favorite partner MOLOTOW."
Thank you AZEK and everyone involved! Follow him on Instagram here!




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