Introducing Graffiti Artist TONES from Athens, Greece

We are happy and proud to welcome greek graffiti artist TONES of the GFR Crew to the MOLOTOW & FRIENDS Family 2017. TONES started writing graffiti in 2006, and is now one of the finest writers to come from his home country. His letters are strong and dynamic with a nice flow, strong colors, tones and effects. Athens offers uncountable and untouched virgin walls. Raw brick or concrete, clean, untouched spots in nature that just beg for some colors. TONES is always exploring to create a stack of colorful burners within the past years.
“We had nice sunny weather here the last few days so I Just went out for a walk in the suburbs of Athens and painted a nice wall at an abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere.. I also used the FLAME BLUE ‘pink fluo’ for a layer of the shadows of the piece and it’s coverage was great! Didn’t even have to put a white layer for a base underneath it.. loved it!”
From now on we will post regulary updates of his progress and travels starting with this nice piece painted with FLAME PAINT!

Find TONES on FACEBOOK here and INSTAGRAM here!


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