Antti Annanpalo testing the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Spray Paint

Here is another product feedback received by Antti Annanpalo from Finland testing the new acrylic-based MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Spraypaint!
"Shaking well is important as told and opening the can with fat cap is optional. When the can is kept 10minutes without using it has to be shaken again, at least when working with thin nozzles.  Caps stay clean when stored in water while painting.

Paint has low odor, good opacity and it dries fast.  It has the same quality like other MOLOTOW spraypaints but it doesn´t stay sticky for long so it easy to draw over with molotow pens. Paint starts to drip bit easier than original MOLOTOW but this is clearly visible so you can react and wait for a moment before adding layers to avoid drips. It solves in water very easily so it is easy to clean and work with. Nice dot will disappear in small amount of water which shows that the pigment works in thin layers. If you paint on a table you can spray some water on the paint to keep it soluble for a longer period. The product also worked well with classic spray details like mist, glow and dots.

MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers also work really well with this paint. Then pen runs smoothly on the surface of the paint and if some parts which you want to draw over are not dried yet you just ink the felt well and it wont matter. The drying paint wont block the felt of the pens so they are really a good couple

Here you can check the time lapse video of testing and working with the products."




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