Ino’s Broken Mural in Brazil

INO spent the end of November in Fortaleza, Brazil, working on one of his most important murals to date. Invited to the city for the 4th edition of Festival Concreto, the Greek artist got a 167-foot high facade on a prominent spot to create one of his thought-provoking monochrome pieces.
Facing huge contrast between evident poverty on the streets and the fenced out luxury beach side apartment buildings, INO wanted to address social inequality in the work. Painting in an area that is known for prostitution, and seeing its effects while painting on a scaffold during night, the artist decided to create an image that addressed the conditions of the neighborhood. Prostitution as the exchange of sex for money is legal in Brazil, but organized activities are illegal, which makes it very unregulated and open for criminal activity.The final piece depicts a portrait of a naked woman with a black splash coming from her head. Indicating the mental effect of "the world’s oldest profession" on these young people, "Broken" (the name of the mural) carries a clear warning about its potentially deadly consequences. — Sasha Bogojev / Juxtapoz.com


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