FORK4 x Back To The Roots

Graffiti artist FORK4 from Hungary just sent in a very last 2017 photo package including a video painting a MOLOTOW TRAIN CANVAS (NY Subway model) with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers and his very own interpretation of a New York Subway car painted right next to his homebase with MOLOTOW PREMIUM Artist Colors!
"On the NY train canvas I tried four different styles of mine and made it look older compared to the new ones. After that i went out and painted "my own new york metro" next to my home : ) I used MOLOTOW PREMIUM Artist Colors like CMP brown, MadC pink, Loomit apricot, Dare orange, Swet traffic red, ECB prussian blue, Soten light blue, Kacao green, Caparso middle grey and some MOLOTOW BURNER CHROME, Coversall silver dollar and black+white.  So I Made a DONDI style inspired metro piece using newyork fat caps for the fillin’ and standard caps for the outline and highlights."
Below check out a video and photos!


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