IBUg Street Art Festival 2015

Urban art wrapped in Plauen lace – the IBUg Street Art Festival celebrates its 10th edition! What started as a small, unofficial graffiti-meeting in 2006 has meanwhile become an internationally known festival for urban art and culture. In August 2015, IBUg goes to Plauen (Germany), the city of the lace! Jump to read more about this years IBUg supported by MOLOTOW!

More than 60 artists from all over the world take over an old coffee roastery in Plauen (Germany). Within a one week long creative phase starting on August 21 they transform this piece of saxonian industrial culture into a synthesis of the arts with graffiti, murals, installations or multimedia-projects. There will be artworks by Chromeo (Switzerland), Ulryk Myrtue (Denmark), Teck (Ukraine), HRNX (Austria), Claire Fruit and Madame Moustache (France), Pinche (Spain), Ruskig (Sweden), Alaniz (Argentina), Farid Rueda (Mexico), Bender (Hagen), Loomit (Munich), Quintessenz (Berlin), Andy K (Dresden), Innerfields (Berlin), Farbgefühl (Jena), Papa Gallosch (Halle), Threehouse (Leipzig) and many more.

So the principle stays the same. But the outcome is going to be different this year. To the big jubilee the IBUg breaks the mold and makes itself a present. Since the first festival it was commonplace, that the building IBUg took place in fell victim to the wrecking ball within a few years. But this years artworks are going to survive for the posterity!

A colourful festival program

At least as colourful as the art is this years program at the festival weekend between 28th and 30th of August. In a festival-cinema small and big productions about street art including movies from the past ten years of IBUg are going to be on the box around the clock. Who prefers to be active is invited to take part in discussions like “Grafitti vs. Tagging” where an artist, a house-owner and a lawyer try to figure out whether graffiti is art or vandalism. Furthermore a member of the IBUg-familiy is giving lectures about himself, his art and the street art scene. There will also be guided tours trough the festival-area and a fabulous art market made by the artists which transformed the area.

And of course there is a party. There are even two parties! To celebrate the jubilee the old coffee roastery transforms during the night hours of Friday and Saturday into a melting pot of excellent music, dancing people and loads of fun. Various artists entertain the crowd with techno, electro, Hip-Hop and Soul, Funk or Trash on 4 floors. There will be Konrad Küchenmeister (Spur 1 Music), Bird Berlin, DJ Eskei83 (Red Bull Thre3style Champion), DJ Shusta (Splash Booking), Asthma La Vista & Band (7Schläfer), Doshy und Mr. Beef (Resistand Mindz), Manamana (Kann Records) und Dwig (Giegling) and many, many more.

An appetizer: The 1. Street Art Festival Plauen

To shorten the waiting time until IBUg various artists and galleries from Plauen got together with the city´s cultural departement and created their first own Street Art Festival. From the 14th until the 30th of August many façades in the inner city get transformed and a number of events and projects are going to revive the Bahnhofstraße near Plauen´s train station. One of them is in the gallery “Forum K” where an exhibition displaying many works made by IBUg artists is leading through the past 10 years of IBUg. More at www.streetartplauen.de.

For further information and impressions go online at www.ibug-art.de or www.facebook.com/ibugart.

IBUg 2015 – Artists

Alaniz (Argentina), Andy K (Dresden, Germany), AIM – Annemone, Ivo, Maxi (Germany), Bender (Hagen, Germany), Benuz (Mexico), Bond TruLuv (Leipzig, Germany), Caro / Chinagirl Tile (Vienna, Austria), Christian Rug (Leipzig, Germany)
Christoph Kukla (Rockstock, Germany), Chromeo & Koala (Switzerland), Claire Fruit (France), Farbgefühl (Jena, Germany), Farid Rueda (Mexico), Florian Huber (Hamburg, Germany), Gebrüder Onkel (Germany), Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt, Germany), Herr Orm (Germany), HiFi (Germany), HRNX (Austria), Innerfields (Berlin, Germany), KERA (Germany), Loomit (Munich, Germany), Madame Moustache (Montpellier, France), Majilina (Italy), Miez Wars / Fogel Junge (Leipzig/Berlin, Germany), Monarch (Erfurt, Germany), Odourodessa (Nürnberg, Germany), Papa Gallosch (Halle, Germany), Quintessenz (Berlin, Germany), Raffael Jesche (Germany), Pinche + Maii (Spain), Simo (Hamburg, Germany), Superfreunde (Leipzig, Germany), Tasso (Meerane, Germany), TECK (Ukraine), Theo Eifrig (Germany/France), Threehouse (Leipzig, Germany), Tshunc / Royal TS (Germany), Ulrik Myrtue (Aarhus, Denmark), Zone56 (Germany), Ines – Kunsthaus Eigenregie (Germany), Yu-baba (Belarus), Pärra Ruskig Andreasson (Malmo, Sweden), Pani / Ajja / Alexandra Renfors (Malmo, Sweden), sehrinde17 (Jena, Germany), lagqaffe / Florian Bölike (Dresden, Germany)…




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