GESER paints the MOLOTOW Train

It was about time to invite one of our friends from the United States to the MOLOTOW Headquarters! GESER, Member of the 3A Crew, started his Graffiti Career in the early nineties. GESER is well known for painting with bright colors and straight classic lettering. Since many years we release monthly updates on his work at our website. He stayed for three rainy days with good talks and a few paintings at our Hall of Fame and the MOLOTOW Train. A little excerpt from our conversation with him please check out in the video plus the Making of the final Train Piece, a straight Wholecar End2End Top to the Bottom.

He used a very nice color Range of the MOLOTOW Premium 400ml including the new KIWI and his favourite Color LOOMIT APRICOT to outline the piece! Please find photos of the GESER Train here!


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