Maybe some of you have noticed that the moviemakers and producers of “UNLIKE U – Trainwriting in Berlin” are recently fighting legally for the ongoing distribution of their documentary. The Berlin transport company (BVG) has sued Björn and Henrik (producers) in order to refrain from distributing the movie regarding the places the action documented in UNLIKE U took place in. To understand all of this you’ve got to see the movie yourself. Recently more and more people are asking how they could support. Therefore a support account for legal fees and the preservation of UNLIKE U is available here.

“From now on we make the full version of UNLIKE U available to all of you here. As we spent a lot of time and put in a lot of lifeblood on working on that movie we would like to give everybody the opportunity to see the outcome. Thanks to everyone who is down with us”

Watch UNLIKE U for free here, support UNLIKE U here