Anyone and No One. Underdog

This is the finish 400 sqr ft mural ‘Anyone and No One. Underdog’ by Hendrik ecb Beikirch and SHOK1 at Soon Gallery London.

“I invited over my talented German friend ECB to paint in London for the first time. Here is a bit of explanation about our collaboration. The left panel by ECB presents an epic portrait with an air of mystery. Is it Picasso? Dave Courtney? Ben Kingsley? In fact it is of a complete stranger and we will never know anything about him, not even a name.

In the right panel SHOK-1 responds by imagining him as the archetypal underdog. He asks : what is the difference between an underdog and a zero, a complete loser? The underdog never gives up. Round and round he goes, fighting to live another day, ever hungry for the prize. Is he just chasing his tail? One day, he thinks. One day.” / SHOK1

Here is a video featuring the making of ecb´s part of the Mural!


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