Documenting the Documentarian: VNA 34 ft. Martha Cooper

It’s been 10 years since the Very Nearly Almost team printed issue 1. So the best to mark this 10 year anniversary is to feature the original queen of graffiti and street art documentary, of course: The legendary Martha Cooper, who alongside Henry Chalfant, captured the early graffiti scene on camera in New York in the ’70s and ’80s. Martha Cooper is the cover artist and an in depth interview covering her entire career to date. Also featured Parisian Street Artist Invader this time he’s back describing some of the most important points in his artistic history for Diggin in the Crates. Other featured artists are Seen, James Jean and Fafi, one of those street artists that helped kicked this whole art movement off. Her buxom, bodacious characters have graced walls and canvases for decades now. An instantly recognisable style that has withstood the test of time. VNA caught up with her in Berlin to get the lowdown on the story so far. What else you can expect in the issue read after the jump and check the preview!

Bringing it back to the UK, Dave White has always been a huge artist associated with sneaker culture and his representation of classic shoes. Since then he’s been on a personal evolution, with his unique paint splattered work extending to stunning representations of the natural world. We just had to catch up with Dave and find out more.

Somehow we’ve managed to squeeze in even more to Issue 34. We finally got the chance to interview Japanese master, Usugrow, Todd Francis, Selina Miles, Ghostpatrol, Kai and Sunny and Urban Nation.

You can get VNA Issue 34 here!




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