Anders Gjennestad for ARTURb Lagos 2016

LAC is a non-profit cultural association that develops artistic residences with the main intention to stimulate and promote artistic creation in the region, especially in the Algarve Southwest. LAC was formed in 1995 and it is located in the old jail of the city of Lagos. This video features the stencil work of Anders Gjennestad from Norway painted for ARTURb Lagos 2016! Read more about the project and see photos of Anders Gjennestad painting after the jump!

Arturb is one of LAC´s project with a concept of art on tour and national and international artistic exchange based on the local coexistence.

During this project artists are invited to live in Lagos for a short period of time and to create their own projects inside and outside the common areas of the jail. The purpose of this residence is to create synergies between the talent and artistic participation in order to encourage and add value to the cultural tourism of the city of Lagos.
At the end of ARTURb journey an exhibition is present at the old jail with the works created on this period.

ARTURb is a free event which brings together through art the local community, the visitors of the town and the artists.

Photos: Carla Carvalho, David Foot, Jorge Pereira, Maria Alcobia, Rui Cambraia




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