Artist Feedback: HEY BONITO

It´s time for another nice artist feedback on our products, this time by HEY BONITO on the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers he is using in his artworks posted below! Thanks for the feedback! If you also want your feedback featured here contact us via our contact form!

Hi, I’m Javi Luque, also known as Hey Bonito. Originally from Madrid but based in Berlin. 

While my art primarily focuses on my paintings, I also enjoy designing my own clothes, DJing, and currently, producing House music. I don’t like to label my art since I love exploring new techniques, materials, and technologies. 

My work is a vibrant homage to the joy of my inner child, infused with the bright, bold spirit of the 1980s. Each piece I create is an exploration of how colors, just like emotions, can resonate and vibrate within us. My art isn’t about representing complex concepts; it’s about conveying a fun, joyful, and beautiful sensation. It’s like when I see mesmerizing patterns on exotic animals and think, “That’s awesome!” That’s the feeling I want to share with my art, so when I see people smile and get excited about my work, I think, “You got it.” That is the ultimate expression of my art.

I love using Molotow ONE4ALL markers because I adore solid, saturated colors that cover well in one stroke. My color palette is very warm, and warm colors usually struggle to stand out on black or dark backgrounds. However, ONE4ALL markers are so pigmented that they maintain their brightness even on dark colors. This not only impresses me but also saves me a lot of time since I don’t need to apply many layers to achieve full saturation. And if I want to create transparent effects, I just add a bit of water :). Another thing that I love from this product is the wide range of colors that it has. It’s like choosing spray cans but in acrylics

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hey_bonito




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