ZURIK x ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint

As you know we have made a call to submit as MOLOTOW product tester, especially testing the new MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint in combination with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers. We received hundreds of applications and were unable to work with everyone of you for this first round. But soon coming up with a new round and call. After this one by hungarian artist Suzie here, the second received by Nina Kuukari from Finland, this by Borge Breeke from Norway, a feedback by graffiti artist Skenar73 and a nice video by MateOne here is the result by Zurik from Spain. She painted twi vinyl plates to create clocks using the ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint in combination with the ONE4ALL Markers. Jump to read her feedback and see wip photos!

"Paint coverage was good and I didn’t expect the paint went on with little odor; this was just too perfect for studio work and even the dust left was not the same as spraypaint´s dust wastes, so I didn’t have to clean so much after use it. At the beginning I had to wait a lot for surface dry out, but after the first layer becomes to get dry faster with good coverage as well. Black and white works so well, not drops, not waste of paint, and not problems with caps, and this was perfect for small lights and clean shadows and that is really important for me. The markers are amazing, I always use them for different purposes and the coverage of them is exactly what you need in all surfaces. White marker is for far one of the best white markers in the graffiti market now, even over dark colors, so I am definitely will to buy more in the future."




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