ZASE x ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint

After this MOLOTOW product tester feedback by hungarian artist Suzie here, the second received by Nina Kuukari from Finland, this by Borge Breeke from Norway, a feedback by graffiti artist Skenar73, a nice video by MateOne, this one by Zurik from Spain, the video of the artist Manuel Jacinto Torres from Santiago de Compostela here is and the recently posted feedback by graffiti artist OSMO here is another great response by graffiti artist ZASE working with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL SPRAYPAINT indoor on a graffiti letter canvas as well. He used the new waterbased paint in combination with the MOLOTOW PREMIUM and the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers. Jump to see the photos, watch a short video and read the feedback!

"I had a lovely experience with this completely new medium. The paints is quite different from the classic Molotow paints. There is more pressure and longer drying process time that gives you more opportunities to play around with the paint before it dried. Great even on a smaller scale like canvas. I did roughly paint my canvas in vertical position then put in on floor while still wet and used water and brushes to mix the paint together (creating a kind of watercolour effect )the result was fantastic background. Then I left it to dry for one hour with the aid of a hairdryer as I used a lots of water. Next I sketched and sprayed my tag (ZASE) used the 251 Color range of MOLOTOW PREMIUM. I loved the way the paint worked together (sometimes paints with different base don’t like each other and crack or not cover at all ) Molotow got it right. After finishing my tag I did more details on horizontal position again and blend all together with Molotow acrylic paints water and brushes Over all I have to say this new ONE4ALL SPRAYPAINT range is great very strong pigment great coverage no odour and absolutely fun to paint with. This was my first project with this paints and definitely not last! Cant wait to try it outside on bigger scale."




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