Street art organization Writer’s Block organized two big street art projects in the Netherlands at the end of 2021. Dutch cities Leeuwarden en Lelystad were the two enthusiastic canvases for the projects. Fourteen nationally and internationally renowned artists in total have been working hard to create their signature magic on the walls these last months in both cities respectively. Artists like AERO, SCKARO, and GERA1 came from all over Europe to create unique murals.

In collaboration with the municipalities of Leeuwarden and Lelystad, Writer’s Block has been able to make the Netherlands even more beautiful as it is. Writer’s Block is a street art organization that organizes and realizes different forms of street art in the public space. They are now responsible for more than 100 large murals in the Netherlands and just getting started.

While Writer’s Block has already left its mark in Leeuwarden in recent years, this was the first large-scale street art project taking place in Lelystad. This region with its unique history served as inspiration for the artists. For, about 100 years ago, Lelystad did not yet exist. Instead of cities and villages, you would find mostly water. In relation to the history of this region, the theme of the project was ‘New land rising from the bottom of the sea’. With the theme, the artists were able to fully dive into the history and stories of the region. This city, which has been shaped by people, fits perfectly in accordance with the organization of a large street art project. For, street art is a form of art that by definition transforms the public space according to its hand.

With the project being the first big street art project in this city, also comes another exciting first. In the new year, you can view the route in Lelystad independently on foot or by bike using the Smartify app. Smartify makes museums accessible to a worldwide audience through innovative technology and fascinating background stories. Street art organization Writer’s Block and the street art route in Lelystad’s inclusion on the global app makes for an exciting first in the world of street art.
Jasper Pluim (pictures with title ‘pluimfotografie’ + others)
Mitch de Pon (pictures with Mitch de Pon)
City: Leeuwarden
AERO (old people)
Mister Copy (Libertas, goddes of freedom)
City: Lelystad
Pipsqueak was here!! (the girl and the hare)
Lars Ickenroth (the diver and sealion)
Karski and Beyond + Bier en Brood (big blue portrait of Cornelis Lely)
GERA1 (colorful glitch art)




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