After Graffiti artist WOBE painting with RABA and KAZE and NOK78, FUNC88 & CRAZE in Paris in this last update the french artist painting with KEAR and INERT. WOBE SESSIONS is a photoseries of walls he recently painted with friends around France. This is the third part in the series painting walls plus a dedication to his friend SKEW who passed away last year. Again WOBE also known as IZZY has some comments on the walls he would like to share with you!

"I was coming back from a weekend outside of Lyon. I get a message from Kear from Stockholm who was looking for a spot to paint. I send him the localisation info for the Hall of Fame of Croix-Rousse (a district of Lyon). Finally, I arrive earlier than expected in Lyon and join him to paint with him. Quick piece !

I sketch my letters pretty quickly. I like the Y and the E that follow each other super well. I decide to make an interior with cold colors and to make a dark blue outline rather than black – a color too easy to use for the outilines. I add a white b-boy this time with psychedelic glasses in the purest 80’s NYC tradition

The last wall is dedicated to SKEW, who has been my buddy since the early 2000s. He left us last year. So it was normal for me to do a piece for the anniversary of his death. To show him that I don’t forget him and that even up there, there are still hi 4 letters on the walls." (WOBE)