Last week french graffiti artist WOBE of the LECTRICS Crew kicked of a little new series titled WOBE SESSIONS with this one painted in Lyon with RABA and KAZE.  WOEB SESSIONS is a photoseries of walls he recently painted with friends around France This is the second part in the series painting two walls with the graffiti artists NOK78, FUNC88 and CRAZE! Again WOBE also known as IZZY has some comments on the walls he would like to share with you!

"I had to go up to Paris for my job. A week’s work during the day. I still had time for a few after-work painting sessions with my local buddies.

The first session is done with Nok78 from DFP. Ante was supposed to join us but finally couldn’t. We were thinking about a spot to paint at night. It was naturally the Bercy skate-park that first came to mind. We didn’t have much time so we decided to go for a silver piece. Around 9pm, we get fired by the guard after negotiating with him to finish our pieces before leaving.

The second session takes place at the Aerosol, a spot well known of the Parisians. As for Bercy, there are lights that illuminate us which allows us to paint at the end of the day. For this second after-work, I meet Func and Nok. A little later Craze join us. Here again, we are limited in time so we decide to paint silver piece (out of Craze that only had colors paint). Func tries a white outline for his piece. Original! I like it and do it also on my piece.

My style is not necessarily balanced and I am disappointed with the movement of the piece. Only good point my I, voluntarily distant from the rest of the letters that brings something new."


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