Welcome to Our New Website!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned and responsive brand website. We hope you like our new online home! We wanted a design that is more modern, but that would also make it easier for you to find the information that you are looking for.
By browsing the navigation bar starting from HOME you can find a great overview on the MOLOTOW PRODUCT SERIES separated in the ACTION, ARTIST and PROFESSIONAL lines. The APPLICATIONS area offer spray- and marker applications explaining the products such as the AQUA TWIN, the CHALK MARKER, the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acryl-Markersystem and many more! Another new content added to our website is the BRAND area to find up in the navigation bar. The BRAND area gives you an insight into the history and philosophy of MOLOTOW as well as the Headquarters with the MOLOTOW Train, the K31-Gallery and the MOLOTOW SHOWROOM. The footer menu offers a DOWNLOAD Center with the possibility to download Mailings, Brochures, Product Flyer and Userguides.
We did do some pretty extensive testing before launching this new website including the brandnew MOLOTOW ONLINE SHOP! Last but not least you can see we also reworked the design of our MAGAZINE. From now it is much easier to find archived content such as the MOLOTOW TRAIN, MOLOTOW TV VIDEOS, PROJECTS, EVENTS or PRODUCT FEEDBACKS.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy the new responsive MOLOTOW website!




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