The presentation of diverse forms of expression, contemporary deve- lopments, and the internationality of graffiti and urban art is one of the main concerns of the Colab Gallery. In order to remain true to this credo, it has never been our intention to bind artists to the gallery through long-term contracts.

The collaboration is organized on a binding basis for the duration of one exhibition only and is furthermore based on trust and appreciation. More than 200 artists participate in a friendly exchange with the gallery. Already in 2016 the exhibition series Welcome Back evoked an exceptional format within the Colab Gallery, alongside Public Provocations.

The idea behind this third exhibition is to invite internationally renowned artists, who have already been guests at the Colab Gallery in the past: Opium, Formula76,Gris1, M-City, Michael Grudziecki, Mando Marie, Soda, Bravo and Zoer. Showing the developmental path of these artistic positions not only concerning themselves but also in relation to the gallery, especially opens up a view of connoisseurship and skill. For apart from the commonality of already having been represented in the Colab Gallery, the exhibited positions share one thing above all: the constant development of skills, that were recognizable in the work at the time being, and, demanding space and targeted visibility through the remarkable quality. This is what the gallery wants to focus on in this exhibition. The idea is, to make accessible to the public, what has long been known in the genre, in a fresh, joint interplay. 2022 makes it clear, that none of the exhibited contributors have left their own path in the course of time, but that their path has been defined more precisely and appropriately elaborated. According to the Colab Gallery`s understanding, this too, deserves the utmost respect and a format, that is dedicated to these achievements.

Especially with the thematic focus on contemporary urban art, the aim is to duly appreciate the zeitgeist and to create a moment to become aware not only of the topicality, but also of the maturity of this genre.

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