WCA: The Writings on the Wall | Crowdfunding

“We wanted to tell this story because it hasn’t really been told, yet. There have been plenty of other documentaries about graffiti, but none that have focused on Los Angeles and on this seminal crew, the West Coast Artists. Graffiti has always been important to us, and it has a huge influence on popular culture. It’s interesting to us how something that was seen as a subculture of outlaws and vandals when we were growing up has become an accepted part of the fine art world – pieces are now displayed in MOCA and the Getty. As our director, John says, this was our opportunity to write a love letter to the city of LA, and with a resurgence in the popularity of graffiti, we felt it was a great time to write it. “

The film “WCA: The Writings on the Wall” follows the ascension of famed graffiti crew, West Coast Artists. Also known as WCA, this crew rose from the grimy streets of 1980’s and 90’s Los Angeles and landed in fine art galleries and museums worldwide. Through the use of archival footage and interviews with prominent West Coast Artists, the filmmakers have plotted an evocative and educational trajectory of the history of graffiti in Los Angeles. Help to make this project come to reality by supporting WCA here over at their Crowdfunding Campaign!




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