Water Circus Jam Italy

“This is the name of the second edition of the Circus Jam, held in October 2010, which will place from May 29, 2011 morning at 10, Via della Fonte, adjacent to the former car park COTRAL. The event combines the graphic expression of some of the best writers of central Italy and the sound of some groups, most people ‘and some less famous roman scene and neighboring countries. There will be a theme for the artwork, which, as you can guess from the flyer, will feature elements of water, writing, effects, color gradients and so that somehow represents the fish environment. In this beautiful day that will welcome the summer, by the way the theme, there will have fun in the best way, we will serve the food stands to present refresh themselves with some excellent sandwiches and refreshing iced drinks! So we are waiting to hear good music in Monterotondo and appreciate the wonderful graffiti!”

The weekend 28th and 29th of may 2011 in and around Rome (Italy) gonna be a wicked one, Write4Gold Italy 2011 on saturday and on sunday the Water Jam celebrating graffiti at its finest, in Monterotondo! Save the date if you are near Roma that days!


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