Wane talks about Graffiti in Australia

“New York City based Graffiti Artist Wane COD is undoubtedly one of the best writers of the graffiti subculture still to date. He has put in years of work and has definitely cemented himself amongst the graffiti greats. From smashing the subways during the heyday of New York City graffiti, to doing remarkably fresh and technical masterpieces and productions in the most exotic locales, Wane has done it all. He continues to push his style to new heights while still maintaining that classic New York flava and flow.” (12ozProphet)

Here is an video by Artistry TV from Sydney produced a year ago while presenting his first ever solo exhibition “Product of New York” at Tate Gallery, including an interview with Wane talking about the australian Graffiti Scene and Artists such as Dvate, Sirum, Sofles and some more.


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