VNA 32 is hot off the press!

VNA 32 is hot off the press! With the cover from Japanese-American artist Audrey Kawasaki, this issue’s Diggin’ In The Crates sees the return of the hugely talented Jeff Soto to give a rundown on some of the highlights of his extensive career and some of the directions he has explored over the course of his professional life. Cute French couple Ella & Pitr give a glimpse of their amazing partnership of 8 years, showing how they double up on their creativity, travelling worldwide to paint while still holding it down as parents. Dipping deep into the Antipodean pond, VNA looks at the amazing, huge murals of Aussie, Fintan Magee and look through the refined lens of Nicole Reed’s camera. While we’re out that way we also hunker down with New Zealander Askew to chat about Pacific Island life and world politics. Read more about the new issue after the jump!

VNA hotographer Claude Crommelin, Mark Rigney of Hookedblog, NoLionsInEngland, and Paul Gray stomp the streets of London to find the finest examples of art in the streets, while Paul Green covers the Bristol scene to shine a light for the West Country.

The regular Instagram feature throws a spotlight on the slick snaps of Australian photographer, p1xels, with a nice mix of urban exploring, graffiti, architecture, inside and outside art and street scenes.

Mr Penfold holds it down for the UK, with his cartoon-style and colours as he gains confidence in his abstract illustrations. Also from the UK, there is fine pencil work from Steph Morris, getting freaky over sneakers as she shares her obsession.

Repping it hard for the girls, Polish painter Natalia Rak demonstrates her enviable skills across multiple mediums, from canvas to concrete.

Last but not least VNA looks into Patrick Hull of Chicago-based Vertical Gallery in their Gallery Talk feature plus Spencer Keeton Cunningham, with his blend of skate styles and doodled motifs as well as the check in with Canadian Sandra Chevrier and her awesome mix of comic book and photorealistic portraiture.

All in, there’s plenty to shout about and more than enough to fill the pages of our bigger-sized pages. Get yours online and in store now here at VERYNEARLYALMOST.COM




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