Vantage Point Radio #50 x FLYING FÖRTRESS

“Flying Fortress is a legend in the streets and in Hamburg where he lives, he is considered royalty. Heavily active in the Graffiti game, the street-art game, and the gallery game all at the same time, he has amassed an army of loyal fans and followers over a career that spends decades. His iconic TeddyTrooper is recognizable worldwide and can be found on trains, in murals, in Vinyl toy form, on prints, skate decks, wheat-past, canvases… you name it. For our milestone 50th episode of VantagePoint, the boys decided to go big and hop the train to Hamburg to track down the elusive Flying Fortress once and for all.” (Vantage Point Radio)

VANTAGE POINT RADIO recently interviewed Hamburg based Graffiti artist FLYING FÖRTRESS about his iconic Teddy Troops and how they made it to be a classic in the world of Vinyl Toys. As you might remember FÖRTRESS did the above shown Vinyl Toy plus Shirt Design as hommage to the good old belton AUTO-K Heatred (Hitzerot) Spraypaint Range a few years ago in cooperation with MOLOTOW. It´s not available anymore.


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