TutoDraw unboxing the DRAWBOX FUTUR!

French artist and YouTuber Jordan Molina aka TutoDraw (Instagram) just went online with a very special box to purchase via drawmarket.fr from now on! In the video you can watch him unboxing and demo a few MOLOTOW products such as the MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME, the ONE4ALL Refill 30ml neon green filled in MOLOTOW empty marker 111EM or the GRAFX UV-Fluorescent Pumpmarker. 

Every limited box contains right next to a few selected items by the artist:

  • GRAFX UV-Fluorescent
  • Empty Marker 111EM
  • ONE4ALL Refill 30ml neon green
  • ONE4ALL Actylic Twin
  • Blackliner Marker
  • ONE4ALL™ Userguide (inklusive discount stickers)