TUNNEL VISION 3.0 x Stichting Tunnel Boxtel

In the beginning of September 2018 the third edition of TUNNEL VISION went ddown in Boxtel at the Stichting Tunnel with a huge line up of local and international graffiti artists:
Aces Alpha Armoe Heerst Bokser Bowie Break Briks Caz Chuck Clone Conan Cruse Delay Desh Ding Dots Druid Duel Dusk Eech Enos Etrs Gomad Heksr Hihat Jack Lack Jahz Knals Kush Lemon Mary Mek More Mr. X Myka Nash Nerks Nona Phae Poen Psy Qturbo Rasoe Real Risq Robs RoosArt Rumbl Satoe Smel Smok Sniek Spatie Spoce Suez Swok Vak Wuzie Zomer Zoomie
The event was photographed and filmed by the organization, so here we go with he recap below!
TUNNEL VISION 3.0 was supported by MOLOTOW and FLAME PAINT!
Photos: Bas van Geffen, Steven Bral, Joery Beukelman


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