TRAP and the True Art of Graffiti

“I don’t even think it’s a crime,” TRAP tells ANIMAL, walking through his home-borough of Queens. He is confident, casual, as if he isn’t about to catch a tag on the underside of the bridge in broad daylight. Since 1979, he’s been spray painting New York City streets, evolving his unique handstyle and perfecting his masterful color blends. (Watch the video of TRAP in action above.)

Some graffiti writers espouse a fuck-the-system motif, but that’s not what motivates the forty-something artist. “I’m still a street walker, a street bomber, but I like doing artistic work.” TRAP thinks the general public has a misconception that writers are just criminals. “They think we’re all bad guys running around scribbling shit,” he says. TRAP respects his craft, and is respected. (read more at ANIMAL NY)


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